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Comprehensive Self-Discovery

that Naturally Reveals your


Guided by the Four Elements

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Discover your Powerful


Using the Four Elements

Amie LeBeax
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Every person is in continual change, life is in continual change.

From one moment to the next, the world, the universe,

every single thing is in constant and continual change. 

This is Manifestation and we manifest 100% of the time.

This is unavoidable, this is life.  We are moving away from something or toward something at all times.  Constant and continual change is unavoidable.  

Discovering Your PowersWithin

Increasing your Self-Awareness of   Everyday Habituals

Builds a Life Full of your

Dreams and Desires 

Living and  Loving  your Manifesting Powers

Course Content

~A Four Module Course~

~Four Modules of Gradual Self-enlightenment ~


A very streamlined process of engaging the Four Elements while exploring challenging topics makes this Course very unique.   Step-by-step, the Exercises lead you through understanding your Manifesting abilities and revealing your Personal PowersWithin.  Extremely unique and critical content that is presented in a very concise and understandable way is reworked to make it your own.  The moving parts work together to help you grow and discover things about yourself.   When you move into the Design Pages at the end of each Module and start working the goal process, it really brings things together.  Remember, life is ever changing and that is true for each one of us.  The organic evolution of life and our ever changing perceptions will ensure a unique experience each time we retake this Course.  This is a life-time access purchase.  

First Module

Opening Awareness and Clearing  Energy

Second Module  

Deepen Awareness


Interpreting the Real

Fourth Module

 Letting Go and Living

in Harmony

Third Module

 Self-Acceptance and your Ultimate

Vision Quest

Design Pages

Copyright © 2018 Deliberate Creations Life Coaching | Amie LeBeax

Discovering Powers


For those of you wanting to learn more about your personal PowersWithin,

your natural abilities, and your individualized gifts, this is the Course for you.  


This Course is a Treasure-Trove of practical guided self-discovery. As well as self-discovery with a twist of complexity.  Meaning, the exercises are not difficult- actually they are rather easy, but the exercises cause very real mental adjusting  - true shifting can occur.  


Then by Applying the Sacred Gift of Choice, Conscious Deliberate Choice and moving it into a Habitual, you create your desired existence on Auto-pilot.

Topics that Expose you to stimulating conversation while provoking logical conclusions, made by you and for you.   


These Exercises lead you straight into your Design Pages, which is a time for you to design your personalized Manifesting Layout.  It is like having two Courses in one. 

Do you really know how powerful you are?  


The real question to ponder is:

By not truly and thoroughly understanding your personal PowersWithin, are you causing obstacles..?  Your own pain and suffering..?  -or-  Are you hurting or helping yourself in life?  

The next natural step is using your Discovered PowersWithin to create and live a Life full of your Dreams and Desires  

  ~ Using the 4 Elements ~  

By using the 4 Elements as a guide through the Manifesting Course, you are able to look into every corner of your physical make-up.   This is one of the best ways to find complete balanced awareness.  This heightened awareness  is not only profoundly healing, but it has a dramatically motivating effect on your future.  Goals become clear along with the path to achievement.  

Lets look into the Water Element - Which is Emotions

Lets look into the Fire Element - Which is Passions

Lets look into the Earth Element - Which is Physical


Tell me more...

Personal Design Pages

Your Design Pages are where you build your Manifesting Layout.   A Personal Layout designed by you, for you.  Consider the example of yo-yo diets.  Why are there so many?  Maybe it's because there are so so many buyers.  Maybe there are so many buyers because these diets work for one person and that's the one who  created it.  When it comes to the grand scheme of life, who has been creating yours?.  It doesn't matter if it is designed with fantastic ideas, logical theories, and reasonable philosophy, it is not a personal design.  Individuals may learn quite a lot from educating themselves about the diet, but in order to make it a life style changer, they have to tweak, add, subtract, and make it their own.  Then, and only then, do they develop a personal testimony and understand the "why's" about what they are doing.  

The goal with the 'Discovering PowersWithin' Course is to empower you with awareness that guides you to find your "Why's".  

Why is this Course worthy of your time, money and brain power?  



Your life design may have someones fantastic ideas, their logical theories, and even a reasonable philosophy but all that is pointless if it is not a collaboration ending in your personal design.

Guitar Close Up

physical health.  But on the inside, I was screaming.  There was simply no joy; no passion.  I worked so very hard my entire life to get to that point.  I couldn't understand what it was all for.  It was like everything I worked for no longer mattered.  I was on an island, and there was no rescue in sight.  I felt selfish and ungrateful.  I longed for meaning.  In life, I had been exposed to ideas like the power of positive thinking, and willing the things you want out of life by regularly focusing on them, but I have to say those concepts never really sunk in to my psyche or daily routine.  All that changed in an instant when I was exposed to the reality of Manifestation and how much control I actually had over my life, thoughts, mood, and future.  Amie LeBeax's course on Manifestation presented an idea that simply changed me forever.  I will never again return to a life like I described above, because for the first time, I fully manage myself on every level.  I create my choices and design my surroundings.  I have shifted from assigning responsibility to taking responsibility.  I have also melded with the world through peaceful strength and

quietly controlled amazing power.  I yield my powers everyday with Conscious Deliberate Choices.

Amie, you guided me to change my world.

I truly love the life I live.

-William  S.

The year I turned 49 years old, my life was in turmoil... on the inside.  On the outside however, at least from the perspective of the average onlooker, it appeared quite the opposite.  I know this for a fact because of the regular comments I received from my family, friends, and colleagues.  I had a wonderful woman in my life, a comfortable house and a couple of nice cars, a diverse investment portfolio, some real estate, and two successful companies with dozens of happy employees.  I was earning great money, I travelled for leisure regularly, and I had my 

Rock Balancing

I learned what it means to live my own life.  I have a wonderful husband and 4 beautiful children.  I am at a point in my life where I'm older and can start smelling the roses a bit.  My children are older and becoming their own individuals but I was left with asking myself if I knew who I was or who I wanted to be.  Somewhere I lost myself in others around me.  I am about 3/4 of the way through the course while I'm writing this and I am loving it.  It is speaking to my spirit, with the hard truths sometimes, but well done and needed.  Just when I thought it couldn't get any better, I entered the next section and got blown away with new discoveries.  It just keeps pulling more and more out of me and I just flow with it and let it take me deeper.  The best advice I can give to newcomers to Discovering PowersWithin is don't try to control the discovery.  Amie's words of 'trust the process' are the answer (and of course I didn't do that at first).  I soon found out I was robbing myself from the Journey by trying too hard to control it.  I ultimately gave in and flowed with the discovery, and it was exactly what I needed to do to let it all sink in and settle.

My relationships with my children have significantly been changed.  I thought my children and I were close but now I see them and life so differently.  Everything in my life has a clearer view to it.  I am more invested in me as a person than ever before and yet I am still actively there for the loved ones around me just as before.  My smiles are more genuine and my laughs a little louder.  I usually lose interest or get busy and have a difficult time completing long term projects but this has been very different.  I am so excited to see what's next, I have a hard time holding myself back.  I have enjoyed Amie as a teacher and Life Coach, the course really reflects her skills and ability to mentor.  I look forward to what's next.  



I decided to take this course because I was feeling very discouraged about life. I am an artist, writer, mother and wife.  Life felt out of control and I was hitting walls everywhere.  It really seemed like the world was against me.  I truly believed I was victimized by life.  The concept that I had the power to change many of the circumstances that were causing me real frustration and grief... well lets just say it didn't exist in my world.  For me, I started seeing real change right away.  I began noticing small adjustments in myself, in my attitude about my day.  Then it started popping up everywhere in my life.  Like Amie says "It was coming right back at me".  That's all it took, and I wanted more.  

I found this process very informative.  I truly learned a lot about myself.  I definitely felt challenged but that's what I needed.  This course was the real deal.  Life changing.  




Discovering PowersWithin has really changed my world.  I look at everything differently.  I want to just say "I am in complete control of me now" and it feels great.  I feel like this is the life manual that we should have been born with.  I wonder how we all move through life without knowing such logical simple truths.  This ancient knowledge was lost, and for the life of me I can't figure out why.  The use of the Elements helped me 'detail myself out' just like the course says.   I also think she made the process easier and more understandable.  I feel the positivity all around me now and it feels wonderful.  I Manifest on autopilot watching as my life is being shaped in ways I didn't think were possible.   I have only taken the course once but I have plans to enter into the process again this summer.    



Ancient Structure
Tree Lined Path
Fishing Boat
Happy Couple Hugging
Church Candles
Group Yoga Session
Dramatic Sunset over the Mountains
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~ Podcast Extras ~

Writes Bonus ~



 Beautiful Journal Pages.  perfectly coordinated with the Course.


Pen to Paper Journal

One More Thing...

A Four Module Life Changing Manifestation Course full of Extras - Bonuses - Goodies and a one more thing:  

 Life-time access

Life -Long Tool

 This Course is designed to be a continual guide for life-long growth and Personal Development.  Life is ever changing and our awareness can be forever expanding.  As we go through these changes, we naturally re-address our habits and our rituals.  Therefore, this may settle in your mind differently today than it will tomorrow.  Your reactions are yours, individually yours.  

My personal reaction as I learned that so many out there live without this knowledge, was amazement.  I felt as if my life had been like driving a car blind-folded.  Second, I felt  excitement.

I just knew life had no limits.  My only limits were the ones I put on myself.  I now know I am limited by my own ability to imagine, or lack of...



Your natural born abilities start working for you...
not against you... not anymore.

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