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Discovering Powers




What People are saying...

Working on Computer

What I truly loved about this Course was learning about how much individuality or personal choices by which I've been living.  I found out if I am living my own choices, I can truly see how my life was an evolution of others' wants-choices-and-decisions.   and...There is so much more.    

Morgan, Writer

Working on Computer

I never knew how much control I had over my life. By Discovering my PowersWithin I have taken back ownership.   Now, I am watching doors open everywhere into the existence I want to live.

Wils, Director of  Operations


I have found myself - my true-self.  

Discovering PowersWithin has been liberating.  I have benefited in every way possible - my relationships with others - my financial abundance.  But most of all... my relationship with myself. 

Alison, Small Business Owner


I am walking through life with more confidence and a fun sense of wonder... Wondering what else is out there.  This was a perfect way for me to launch my Journey of deepening my Self-Discovery.   I'll be back to take it again.    

Jenifer,  Mother, Home Operator

Above the Clouds

Amie is such a blessing of truth.  I am amazed at how much logical thought I was introduced to for the first time. This was true discovery that has been life changing.  Even her outlook on how to create change (that I will keep around) was a burst of logic that I hadn't heard anywhere else.  

Joseph, Business Owner


I can't recommend this course enough!

Making that commitment to myself was the start of taking back control of my life, and I know it's only the beginning.  

Like Amie Say's...  There is more. there is always more.

Holly, Event Planner

Questions & Answers

Is everybody Born with the same PowersWithin?



What we do with them, how far we take them, Is entirely up to each one of us.


Do some people

naturally use their PowersWithin in their everyday life?  Just automatically without ever taking a course or learning about them?


Yes, We all do.

Our PowersWithin are  constantly and continually working.  These are our Manifesting abilities.  We Manifest 100% of the time, no breaks.


How important is it that we learn about our natural born abilities?

By learning about our PowersWithin  they begin working for us.  Not against us.  They are working all the time weather we educate ourselves about them or not.  By learning about them, they become our most valuable allies. 

Is learning about

my PowersWithin going to be difficult?


Relax and let the Journey be revealed to you.  Enjoy the gradual discovery.   





Are there different levels or kinds of our PowersWithin?


We have many - many PowersWithin.  In various areas of our being.  There is no end.  There is always more.  How far we go with each one of them is up to us.



If I learn about my PowersWithin will it benefit others around me?



It is unavoidable that others will tap into your logic and use of your Personal PowersWithin.


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