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"I love to see people achieve their dreams.  Damn… it’s one of my favorite things in the world; people finding their strength and moving mountains.  Everyone has a story.  This makes life so cool.  Please, don’t ever lose who you are.  Your individuality should be celebrated.  Be you, be raw- the good, bad and the ugly.  Watch yourself make mistakes.  Say stupid things in ignorance.  Learn.  Become better, wiser.  Live and Love, and for sanity’s sake, laugh at yourself.  Don’t make yourself boring and don’t become adept at hiding who you are."  

Amie LeBeax

Interview Quote - Written  Publication

Life Coach, Aromatherapist, Yin Yoga Practitioner

Deliberate Creations

Life Coaching

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Coaching Packages

$2,000. - $4,800.

Single Sessions Price - Individual:


Single Sessions Price - Group Per Individual:


50min. Sessions.

Full of Support and Encouragement.


Discovering Powers


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Coaching Packages

Life Coaching


$3,200. Package  

Package One

Four - 50min. Sessions  


(Over 2 Months)


$4,800. Package

Package Two

Six - 50min. Sessions


(Over 3 Months)


$2,000. Package

Package Three

Four - 50min. Sessions


(With Purchase of the Course Discovering PowersWithin)

Scottsdale, Az

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