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Deliberate Creations

Psychology of Self-Mastery

and, so the story  goes...

My love for learning has always been the most powerful driving force in my life. Knowledge and growth is intertwined with my personal contentment, as  I instinctively embraced this specific need from a very young age. Through my eyes and experiences, I have personally explored the numerous variations of family life -to- single life, small towns -to- large Cities, and International travel -to- road trips.  In witnessing the devastation of addiction as well as the divisiveness of social discord, uncovering my ability to objectively partner became pivotal in developing my desire to Coach.  I learned to bend my responsibilities very nicely with the need for living freely, as I found myself turning an ear to distant melodies of mysterious thought calling to me on Ancient winds.  As my Journey continued I collected one beautiful memory after another, as they all partnered with the delicate dance of passionate love.  I’ve grown businesses through inspiration and lived through the anguish of divorce.  I’ve meditated on the vortexes of Sedona, explored the healing powers of Stonehenge, been taught many of the secrets of life, and created whenever an opportunity presented.  I am very aware that this is only the beginning, there is more.  There is always more and I can't wait. There is a wonderful connectivity to everything and to all of you, even if I haven’t met you yet.  But mostly, and all the while, I learn.

We have such an amazing opportunity in this world.  We have been given tremendous gifts. Material successes are fine and good, but there is so much more to who we are.  My journey has taught me this and my passion is to use it with those who are curious.  I truly love to see people achieve their dreams.  As you can probably tell, my life has been eclectic.  I was born with an innate belief that it was natural to achieve anything I desired.   Exploring this further, I have come to realize this attitude needs to be promoted in the world.  I often see limits that people impose on themselves, robbing their opportunities to create an individualized and happy life.  I am delighting in the prospect of becoming a part of your personal self-discovery; your very own Life by Design.  I love to Coach and work with my clients and others on their Journeys and to watch as they realize their true potential.  Many times life presents obstacles and challenges that were veiled gifts, hoping to have an opportunity to bring you to your inner truth.  Every personal Journey has an array of  cracks in the path that at times inconveniently find their way before us.  These cracks can be as small as a pot hole or as large as the Grand Canyon.  No matter what found its way to you and your path, there can be a simplicity and peace in the choices you choose to make.  You have the precious gift of choice… and you can use this gift to empower yourself and to build a life full of your Dreams and Desires.  

Make a Conscious Deliberate Choice to live the life you love,

and to live your Deliberate Creation. 

Amie LeBeau

Life Coach, Aromatherapist, Yin Yoga Practitioner

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Live your Life
full of your
Dreams & Desires 

Amie LeBeau

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Deliberate Creations

Psychology of Self-Mastery

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