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How is this Journey going to benefit me?

  • Interpreting the Real:  Achieving a very real and honest view of what exists currently. 

  • The 4 Elements:  A very personal/detailed and comprehensive Self-discovery.

  • Discovery of your Powerful natural born PowersWithin.

  • Making Personal Conscious Deliberate Choice about the life your are currently living and the life you will live in the future.

  • Creating new Habituals with your PowersWithin and allowing them to work for you - not Against you - not anymore. 

  • Dreams & Desires can become your reality.

More info. about the Course.


About the Author?

My name is Amie LeBeax and I want to be your guide on your Journey of learning about how Powerful you are. I am a Life Coach that specializes in introducing you to your natural born PowersWithin. 

Scottsdale, Az

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