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Deliberate Creations

Psychology of Self-Mastery

Deliberate Creations of Life

Deliberate Creations explores the magic and mystery of the Psychology of Self-mastery with its Life Coaching Courses.  The company was built on the cornerstone of the signature Courses: Discovering PowersWithin, Lunarology and Grimoires of Life.  They provide that deeper understanding of the intricate, delicate but powerful union that connects us all, with all.  The Courses are designed to help you find your individualism, celebrate it, and aid you in living the inspired life you were meant to.  The natural evolution of this concept has produced a line of Products and other Writings that yes, again celebrate the complexity of your individualism.  Treasure your brand of crazy – Discover your kind of weird – Find you're many layers of uniqueness and know this is what makes you - you...  

Amie LeBeax

Inspired Blog

How to get what you want out of your Life

 It's Time - It's your Time.    

Allow these Powers - 

Not Against You - 


Achieve all your Dreams and Desires Naturally Automatically.

Learn about your Natural Born PowersWithin

Your Powers - 

to work for you - 

Not Anymore!

Just as the Buddhist proverb says...

When the Student is ready, the Teacher shall appear!

When I read this particular proverb, it reminded me to be mindful of everything around me. I began to pay attention to the smaller moving parts in my life that I may have disregarded or seen as unimportant.  I 

realized the natural order in continual learning. I realized that many 

times the answers I so deeply desire lie behind an opaque  veil.  And...I realized how little attention I had been giving to not only opportunities, but the teachers that I myself had placed right before me.


You were lead to my website for a reason.  Look past your

self-created opaque veil.  What is the life you have created?  Are you living a life full of your Dreams and Desires?  Do you know how Powerful you are?  

My desire for you, and all who find their way here, is to discover what the universe is trying to unveil.  Let your journey lead you to exactly what you need in your life.  


If Manifesting a life full of your Dreams and Desires is what you want then let's get going! 

Let's Discover your PowersWithin.


Amie LeBeau

I am a Life Coach specializing in Relationships, Personal Life Development,  Writer 

and  Aromatherapist

About Me


Discovering Powers


DPW Oprning Podcast

My Signature Course, 




Using the 4 Elements

By enrolling in my Signature Course  "Discovering PowersWithin - Using the 4 Elements" you are making a commitment to yourself to uncover and discover you're amazing PowersWithin.  Enter into a guided Journey full of Conscious Deliberate Choices and personalized self-discovery. 

For you to learn how

Incredibly Powerful You Are!  

How incredibly powerful your Natural Born PowersWithin are!

It's time..

For your Natural Born Manifesting Abilities to start Working for you not Against you not Anymore!

It's time..

For you to use you abilities to create a life full of your  

Dreams and Desires on Auto-pilot!

It's time..

   It is time - It's your time - to create your chosen existence. 

The Course





Allow them to work for you, not against you, not anymore!


 Discover your Personal 

Life Coach

Writer and Creator of

 Discovering PowersWithin


Formulator and Developer of 


Essential Oils

Deravés E.O.'s

Inspired Life Bundles

Creator of 

Inspired Life Bundles


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Deliberate Creations

 Psychology of Self-Mastery

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